Joerael Julian Elliott (b.1980 TX. USA)

Member of  " The Broken Symmetry Society" The Santa Fe Institute

Founder of Mobilize Walls, 


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Industrial Design Technology- 2000-2002

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 I Am the Highway, Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe

2016 Gate Flood Keeper, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe

2011 Gypsy Dust, Film Bar PHX, Phoenix

2008 Cycles of Beauty, The Ice House, Phoenix

2004  Untitled, Monorchid Gallery,Phoenix         

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017    CRUSH Walls 2017, Denver

2017    ENSO, Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe

2017    Extraction Zones Exhibition and Symposium, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe

2017     Render Bender, Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe

2016     Tributaries UNM Land Arts of the American West, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe

2016     New Imagists of the South West, Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe

2015     Paint PHX Mural Festival, Phoenix

2014     Jack, The R&R Gallery, Los Angeles

2012     Salad Days, The R&R Gallery, Los Angeles

2011     Cowboys and Indians, The R&R Gallery, Los Angeles

2010     Painted Desert Project, Navajo Nation AZ

2005     Hurricane Relief Benefit, The Ice House, Phoenix

2005     Proper Gander,s Seven Year anniversary show, Gallery Lombardi, Austin

2002     Unentertainment, CMU Alumni Concert hall, Pittsburgh

2002     Making a Scene, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh

Selected Commercial work

2017       One Down Dog, Design consultation, large scale interior/exterior mural work, LA

2017       March for Science, Iluustration Poster, Santa Fe NM

2017        Lightwave Coffee, Murals, Branding and Website, Los Angeles

2016        Make Santa Fe, Interior Mural, Meow Wolf Complex Santa Fe

2016         The Santa Fe Institute, Ilustration & Fine Art, Santa Fe

2015         Prajna Yoga, Social Media/ Photographer, Santa Fe 

2011-14   Elabrew Coffee, Art Director , Fabrication and design of interior/exterior spaces, Branding, LA

2014         Blue Collar Working Dog, Design Consultation and Large scale Interior/Exterior mural work,    LA

2014        LuLu Lemon, Mural Window Display, Glendale CA

2013-14  One Down Dog, Design consultation, large scale interior/exterior mural work, LA

2013        Volley Shoes/ Conveyor at Fred Segal, Collaborative Mural,Santa Monica

2013-14  Tara Napolis Power Yoga, Large scale interior mural work, Pasadena

2012        Intelligentsia Coffee, Exterior mural work, Pasadena

2012        Core Club LA, Interior mural work, LA

2011        Film Bar PHX, Large scale interior murals, Phoenix

2009        Kotchy, “89 LP” “Sing what you want EP” “I’d have to be high EP” Artwork, Civil Music, London

2002-08   Nielsen Diversified Inc., Production art designer and painter,  “Art appeared on Bravo’s “Kathy 

                Griffin's My Life on the D-List” and MTV’s “Cribs”


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The Proper Gander Comics and Such, 1998-2006


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The Santa Fe Institute

Works Held in Private Collections in, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Seattle  and Phoenix


2017, Guest Artist, Mercer University / Arts in the Park , Macon GA

2016, Guest Artist, NMU, Land Arts of the American West, New Mexico

2015-2016, Illustration Residency, Broken Symmetry Society, The Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe

2016, SFAI Water Rights Thematic Residency, The Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe 


2017, One Down Dog, Graffiti Lecture, Los Angeles CA

2017, Mercer University, Graffiti Lecture, Art & Activism, Can Control Workshop, Macon GA

2017, CRUSH Walls, Graffiti Lecture, Denver CO

2017, New Mexico School for the Deaf, Graffiti Lecture, Intro to Street Art, Santa Fe NM

2017, Santa Fe Indian School, Graffiti Lecture, Santa Fe NM

2016, SFAI 140 Resident Speaker, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe NM

2016, CCA New Mexico School for the Arts Day, Center For Contemporary Art, Santa Fe NM

2016, Title Graffiti: Indegenous City Culture "Maker Edition", Make Space Santa Fe, Santa Fe NM 

2016, Annual Science Board Symposium and Meeting  The Santa Fe Institute - Data Futures & Funding Futures: Shifting Landscapes, Keynote Speaker, Title Graffiti: Indigenous City Culture, Santa Fe NM


2017  New Mexico School for the Deaf, Youth Mural Workshop, Santa Fe 

2017  SFAI Open Call Community Youth Mural Workshop, Santa Fe

Social Justice 

2008-2011 Las Otras Hermanas, Art Director/Event Coordinator, Phoenix & Juarez Mexico

    A non-profit organization working in solidarity with producers and their families to create       

     an economy built on socially responsible enterprise through fair trade practices.

2011           Tohono O’Odham Unity Run Benefit, Live Art/Event Coordinator, Phoenix

                 The unity run is a Native American distance run aimed to serve a greater purpose for youths     

                 to understand, practice and preserve cultural heritage and practices. 

2008          The Longest Walk 2, Participant/ Advocator, Colorado

               The Longest walk 2 was an 8,200-mile (13,200 km) walk that highlighted the need for   

                 protection of American Indian Sacred sites, tribal sovereignty, environmental protection and  

                 action to stop global warming.